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About Me

small tin candles

My Story

November 2021 I was diagnosed with Covid-19. Soon after it turned into Covid pneumonia with respiratory failure. My life, and my family's, changed drastically. I was hospitalized for 23 days and vented for five of those days.

What do candles and fragrance have to do with this? While in the hospital I was introduced to fragrance therapy to help me relax and remain calm. This became a big part of my recovery. I have turned it into a candle business that I absolutely love sharing. Whether it is a favorite vacation, memories of Grandma’s house, Grandpa’s pipe, your favorite camping trip, day at the lake or needing a moment to relax on a Tuesday, fragrance can transport us!

I believe God has me here for a reason....I am hoping it is to utilize my need to be creative and to share my love for what fragrances have done for me. You live in a world of constant stress and overwhelm, where a booked schedule and relentless productivity are often rewarded. But what if you could flip the script? Imagine valuing relaxation, stress relief, and transforming your home into your personal oasis.

I believe in supporting local small business owners and cherish unique products that capture the essence of Minnesota. Visit our shop to discover a constantly evolving selection tailored just for you!
Thank you for stopping by! I can’t wait to see you at the shop!

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